Professor of Biology and Director, Graduate Program in MCBB at Boston University

Our laboratory’s major research interests concern how mammalian cell growth and cell cycle are regulated, and how misregulation, particularly of transcription factors, drives oncogenesis. We currently focus on the cell cycle-regulated transcription factor LSF, shown to be an oncogene for liver cancer, colorectal cancer and an increasing number of other cancers. Current mechanistic studies range from critical genes targeted by LSF to control cell cycle progression, to signal transduction pathways that modify LSF’s activities, to the key LSF-protein interactions responsible for driving cellular progression through mitosis. In addition, with our development of specific small molecule inhibitors of LSF, in collaboration with the laboratory of medicinal chemist Scott Schaus, translational studies include the biological consequences of inhibiting LSF activity in tumor cells versus normal cells, and preclinical studies toward developing these inhibitors into drugs for treatment of LSF-related cancers. See Research for further details. Additionally, to learn more about Ulla, please visit the Boston University Website and read the BU Today article Tackling Liver Cancer in the Lab.